Let me tell you about my ‘Easy Baby’…

My kid could be a lot worse. He could have reflux, or colic. He could be plagued by painful gas, or have a tongue tie, or lip tie, or eczema, or any great number of things. But he doesn’t! In fact, he’s perfect. *humble brag


The Beauty of Motherhood

Never have I felt more beautiful than I do when I lie down to feed him, and his tiny little hand sleepily trace the lines of my body.

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive

I do not need to revisit how tired I am every time I see you. I do not want to talk about the intricacies of the relationship I have with my partner now that there is another person involved in everything we do. I do not want to talk to you about how gross nappies are, or how painful feeding can be, or how babies like to change their routines at the drop of a hat.