The Beauty of Motherhood

Never have I felt more beautiful than I do when I lie down to feed him, and his tiny little hand sleepily trace the lines of my body.
Never have I felt more useful than when he calls for me and I stop whatever it is I am doing to aid him.
I melt when he looks up at me with his eyes that shine like the ocean.
When he reached up with his tiny little hand to grab onto my finger I feel like a great warrior protecting the world’s greatest treasure.
He is from me – not just from my body, but carved from a part of my soul.
He is inspiring, comforting, and completing.
Every moment of sickness and unhappiness, through every panic attack and every headache, for every sleepless night so far and those still to come – worth it.
Every trial I have ever faced has brought me to here and now, where I lie with my precious son, singing him sweet songs and watching as he laughs and grows.
I get to observe how he builds his path.
I am the luckiest woman that ever were, because I get to witness the greatness that is my son.

These are the pleasures that motherhood has granted me.


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