I’m Marrying My Best Friend and Other Stories

My best friend, father of my son, all round good guy and future husband are the same person! How neat is that? He forgives me when I’m a prat, believes in me when I’m a wuss, loves me when I’m pretty damned ugly, and he enjoys all the good stuff too. Yeah, I think that’s pretty neat.

We have been engaged a few months now. I am still not over the buzz of it all. I can’t believe that people are going through their day to day life not thinking about what kind of dress I might wear, what decorations will be where, and how to make it all fit in a sensible budget. I’m day dreaming about honeymoon destinations and looking up flights. This is my happy place.

I need my happy place right now, because I’m not really doing so well. It’s been four months of chronic pain and experimental treatments, medication overuse, rebound headaches and withdrawals, new symptoms melding with old symptoms, a pit of side effects and tiny little needles of magical wonderment. Im exhausted.

But I have my little family! My smiling boy, (who is learning how to walk!!!), and my strong, kind-hearted husband to be.

The good outweighs the bad and for that I’m truly grateful.


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